A003E785-43B1-4513-8277-D61867FF66FCRangoon is a long-time favorite Chinatown restaurant. It’s a bit more expensive than our regular Chinatown go-to places, but totally worth it.  Everything is exotic tasting, without having ingredients that are too strange.  Burmese food is a combination of Indian and Thai, with its own unique flavors. It’s one of the places we take out-of-town guests who are adventurous, but still a bit cautious, eaters.  The main dishes are good, but the appetizers and desserts are AMAZING.  So, we always get a mix of appetizers and skip the main course – firecracker lentil fritters (spicy!), thousand layer bread with curry potato dipping sauce, Asian tea leaf salad, golden triangles… it’s hard to pick a favorite:

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Thousand layer bread

Kathy says: I can’t pick, I love them all! But, if I had to choose it would be the firecracker lentil fritters and the thousand layer bread and the tea leaf salad….

Tobey says: My favorite is the firecracker lentil fritters.  I could eat them all day, everyday.

Dessert is definitely part of the adventure.  The sweet rice with mango is so yummy, but the jello crunch ice is a must-have (Philly Desserts: Jello Crunch Ice (Rangoon)).  Of course, we always get both!




Location – Chinatown