Tobey & Friend Kawaii Kitty Cafe Philadelphia

What could be more fun than an hour petting cuddly kitties and drinking the cutest latte (or milkshake or hot chocolate)? The fact that all the kitties here are rescues from the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society looking for homes and the cafe has a great adoption rate is an added bonus.

What is a kitty cafe? It’s a trend that started in Japan – basically, a place where you can hang out surrounded by nice kitties. Visiting is straightforward.  You can reserve slots in advance (recommended, since they limit the number of people in the cat room), show up a few minutes early to order your beverages/snacks (not required, but a nice treat and the proceeds go to help the cats),  then go into the kitty room at your designated time.  There are usually around a half dozen kitties in the room with you – some sleeping, some wanting to cuddle, some wanting to play – you just go with the flow (they are kitties after all!).

Tobey says: I LOVE this place! My 2 favorite things: kitties and coffee.