We’ve been waiting ages for the weather to warm up enough to enjoy checking out this relative new comer to Chinatown.  They specialize in soft-serve with Asian-inspired flavors.  The choices were interesting – charcoal vanilla (couldn’t pass up that one – just get a napkin, because your lips get black!), lychee (Tobey’s go-to), black sesame, matcha and pineapple. Tobey and I are ALWAYS excited for ice cream and this didn’t disappoint – super creamy, with fun add-ons like matcha kit kats, fruity pebbles and pocky sticks (to up your Instagram game). Prices were reasonable ($3.50 for a small cup).

**Check the website before making a special trip.  They are closed (winter 2018/9) but the website says they will re-open in the spring**

Tobey says: Soft serve isn’t my favorite, but this was really good and I’ve never had charcoal ice-cream. Plus, I love pocky sticks!


Location: Chinatown