I guess one of the benefits of being an Ivy League school is having alumni capable of funding a world class art museum. And, although it’s not a large museum, it has EVERYTHING:

Monet Japanese bridge? CheckGeorgia O’Keefe painting of New Jersey? Check

Medieval tomb effigy? CheckAfrican ceremonial hunting vest covered with claws, bones, amulets? Check

Warhol Marilyn? Jackie O? Double Check

Egyptian mummy? Check

Contemporary social commentary? Check

Roman floor mosaic? Check

Hiroshige woodblock? Check

Formally established in 1882, the museum was created to provide study objects for the new Department of Art and Archaeology. The museum was active in the effort to protect priceless European art during WWII, and two of the “Monuments Men” served as directors of the museum.

Located in the center of the gorgeous Princeton campus (which is right in the center of town), the museum hosts a wide variety of special exhibitions and is always free. It’s also a great museum for introducing kids to art. In addition to the kid friendly objects on display, they hold special family art making programs.

Field trips: We had 2 fantastic field trips here – one on art as social commentary and another on artistic choices. The docents are happy to customize visits to your area of study – and the programs are free! They also offer monthly home-school classes.