Latte and pastries at Suraya PhiladelphiaEverything in this restaurant/cafe/market is Instagramable – the decor, the market AND the food.  Lucky for us, the food tasted as good as it looked. Tobey and I shared the $18 mezze plate, which came with 2 deliciously puffy pitas, a yogurt dip (with olives, mint and a yummy roasted hot pepper), a fava bean dip (with tomatoes, jalapeno, cilantro and chickpeas), a dish of crudites on ice and a 6-minute egg – the most beautiful soft boiled egg, rolled in a mixture of seseme seeds, nuts and spices.  I’m not a big egg fan, but this was delicious and totally unlike anything I’ve ever had.  Everything was super-fresh and tasty.

We finished with a dessert splurge – 2 pastries and a cup of the chai latte. Topped with rose petals and tumeric, this was the prettiest late, ever.

Tobey says: Best latte I’ve ever had and the prettiest restaurant I’ve ever seen!

Update: We made a return visit for breakfast and I have to say this was the prettiest, tastiest yogurt I’ve ever had.  Even Tobey liked it and she’s not a yogurt fan.  Yogurt, tehina, date syrup, pomegranate, dried apricots and nuts.  Suraya Philadelphia

One day we’ll make it for dinner…

Location- Fishtown