Tom's Dim Sum PhiladelphiaThe slightly seedy location in the Convention Center underpass just adds to the atmosphere. It’s been recently renovated, so the inside is pretty and the food is always delicious. We  skip the main course and stick with appetizers – scallion pancakes, wanton soup, sticky rice dumplings, but the real reason to come is for the Soup Dumplings!

How to eat a soup dumpling: (the staff is friendly and will happily explain)

  1. Carefully put the dumpling in your spoon (we use our fingers, since I’d poke a hole with the chopsticks).
  2. Take a small bite out of the top (this lets out the steam)
  3. Pour a little dumpling sauce or soy sauce in the hole
  4. Eat! (It takes me 2 bites, so I slurp the guts out first then eat the rest)

They also have tasty veggies – we like the cucumber salad and stir-fry snow peas.

Tobey says: A fun place to bring friends!

Location: Chinatown

Soup Dumplings Tom's Dim Sum Philadelphia