You don’t have to go all the way to England to get delicious and authentic British pies.  We love the classic beef & onion pie, but they also have a rotating selection of 3-4 other options (our Easter bunny tikka masala was Tobey’s first taste of rabbit!).

The pies are good, but the mashed potatoes are AMAZING! The best I’ve ever had – don’t know what makes them so good, they are just potatoes and milk.  But, mmmm….  They come with a parsley liquor – tasty, green parsley sauce that brightens the heavy flavors of the pie and mash).

They also have a selection of pasties and sausage rolls (my son’s favorite), plus traditional English puddings (desserts).  The sticky toffee was served warm, smothered in fresh cream.  It was super-rich, so perfect to share.  There are only a couple of seats in the restaurant, so avoid peak times, or get the food to go for a picnic.

Fridays are Fish Fry-days, when they offer classic fish and chips for pre-order. Follow on Instagram (the best way to keep up with their other periodic specials).

Tobey says: I agree with my mom – the mashed potatoes were incredible!

Pie Stargazy Philadelphia
Easter Bunny Tikka Masala with Parsley Liquor

Location: East Passyunk (off Broad Street – about 2 miles south of Center City)