These guys are hands down (hooves down?!) the G.O.A.T. Philly! Their Instagram antics are the happiest, most positive thing on the internet. They visit seniors, attend community events, and are happy to interact with everyone (see their Instagram page for photos of their “all abilities rambles”). Plus, they occasionally get paying gigs controling weeds at open spaces around the city. They show up all over Philadelphia, and everyone is welcome to join their public goat walks. You can even schedule a private goat walk (proceeds support the organization), like I did for my birthday. Best birthday present ever. Thanks, Ivy, Violet, Oonah, and Clementine!

We met them in person for the first time while picking up our 2022 Calendars – THE BEST holiday present for all Philly (and goat!) fans. Each month features the goats visiting locations all over the city:

When not out on the job, the goats make their home in Awbury Arboretum, where you can visit them anytime. For details about goat walks, special events (like goat painting – yes, they have artistic abilities, too), check out their social media.