Graffiti pier is in a state of flux. Although it still feels like you are trespassing, talks are underway to turn it into a formal park, part of a push to make the waterfront more accessible. It’s a hot redevelopment area, with new housing emerging all around it. The area attracts a diverse mix: from teens getting the perfect Instagram post (even professional photo shoots by my favorite Philly goats!)

to tourists and families, to street artists actively tagging, to neighborhood fishermen, to folks hanging out getting stoned. There is litter, although periodic clean-ups keep it mostly under control.

All this aside, after skirting around a chain link fence and a brief walk through the woods

you emerge onto the pier surrounded by the vibrant, multicolored ruins of a long abandoned coal loading dock.

The Delaware surrounds the pier on 3 sides, with sweeping views upstream and downstream.

Plenty of street parking on Beech Street.