Dream Garden Tiffany Mosaic PhiladelphiaIt’s really cool when you can see an artwork displayed in its original setting.  I adore everything Tiffany, but most everything I’ve seen is in a museum or church EXCEPT this mural – which is one of his most spectacular pieces.  The best part is that it’s in a public lobby (FREE) with a bench right across where you can eat lunch – you can’t do that in a museum!

Called “Dream Garden,” the mosaic is located on 7th & Chestnut in the lobby of the Curtis Publishing Building (right across the street from Congress Hall). It was designed by hometown artist Maxfield Parrish and created in 1916 by Louis Comfort Tiffany out of more than 100,000 pieces of glass. The colors are absolutely amazing.  The rest of the lobby is also beautiful. Curtis was the publisher of The Saturday Evening Post and Ladies’ Home Journal.

Tobey says: It’s almost like looking out a window. Perfect place to sip a latte!

Curtis Building Philadelphia