One of our favorite Philly lunches is a picnic and our favorite supplier is Di Bruno Brothers.  The fun is picking something new.  We always start at the cheese counter, where we ask for something seasonal/unusual/limited.  They are happy to recommend, always let you sample and will happily cut “picnic” size portions.  We have had a lot of delicious cheeses, but the most fun was the Swiss sheep’s milk rolled in dried flowers harvested from the sheeps’ own alpine meadow. They also have a delicious charcuterie (again – advice/samples/picnic sized portions are no problem).  Our favorite discovery here was the molè salami. Final stops for bread, fruit and dessert.  It’s not cheap (usually $15-20 pp), but the quality and adventure are worth it!

Tobey says: Favorite! Picnics are always fun.

Location: Center City