Spice C PhiladelphiaThis is another Chinatown favorite that caters to a mostly local Chinatown crowd. Their specialty is hand-drawn noodles, which you can watch them make to order at the back of the restaurant. They can be ordered 2 ways: hand-drawn (thin, spaghetti-like) or shaved (thicker and shorter). Both are delicious. We tend to stick with our 2 favorite dishes – the soup (we like the Sezchuan spicy with roast pork and wontons – but you can get regular spice and a variety of meat options) and the soy sauce pork (ground pork over noodles – we like the Sezchuan spicy, but it comes regular also). This is a great “cheap eats” – the meals are all less than $10 and we always have leftovers.

Tobey says: My favorite are the thick shaved noodles. Favorite restaurant!