Our explorations of Asian South Philly brought us to this small, family owned restaurant specializing in Indonesian home cooking.  The menu is small, but with meat, fish, and vegetarian options.  A steam table holds a half dozen types of stew, or you can order off the menu board (satay, soups and salad).  For $10.80 we got a large plate of super tender beef rendang, rice, a corn fritter and the best collards I’ve ever had. Everything was very flavorful – but not spicy.  Ask for a spoonful of sambal if you really want to spice things up.  The decor is cute, the owners very friendly, and you can’t beat the prices.


Hardena Indonesian Philadelphia
One of their specialty drinks – salted coconut milk, palm sugar, jack fruit and grass jelly.

There are several other Indonesian restaurants and grocery stores in the area, so we definitely have more exploring to do.

Tobey says: Different, but very tasty.

South Philly Window Cats
Just around the corner, we spotted the ultimate South Philly window cat photo… 4 kitties, plus Mary and Jesus

During Covid times, they were offering their very creative “not pizza” box. Follow on Instagram to score one of these beauties!!

Location: South Philly 1754 S. Hicks Street https://www.yelp.com/biz/hardena-waroeng-surabaya-restaurant-philadelphia