Ready to roll up your sleeves and try something a little different? Every Wednesday and Saturday Perla serves a traditional Filipino Kamayan dinner. The tables are covered in banana leaves, then the food arrives – first the garlicky jasmine rice is laid down, followed by the most amazing vegetable stew (I loved the brussel sprouts!?!), a 1/2 chicken, a whole fried fish, spring rolls, and finally pieces of fried pork belly. That’s when you roll up your sleeves – since everything is eaten with fingers (although they will give you utensils if you wimp out) and dig in. You finish with dessert – ours was a delicious coconut chocolate pana cotta. Couple of tips: it’s BYOB (they only serve sparkling or still water) and there is a minimum of 2 diners for Wednesday night and 4 on Saturday night. $40 pp. Reservations required. Definitely take home any leftovers – they are delicious the next day!

Tobey says: fun and really tasty!

Location: South Philly