Shaxian Delicacies Chinatown PhiladelphiaThis is small, hole-in-the-wall restaurant serving Fujian cuisine just opened up in the heart of Chinatown and serves the tastiest dumplings I’ve ever had.  It’s small, with mostly Asian customers (the menu is in both Chinese and English) and is bargain dining at its finest.  The best deal may be the $3 plate of peanut noodles, but our favorite is the dumplings.  Both boiled (pork/scallion) and steamed (pork/some other green leafy veggie) are the best we’ve had and are only $5/plate.  The steamed (pictured above) is firmer, while the boiled is slurpier.  The dipping sauce is really yummy.  I’d recommend an order of both – while not quite as yummy the next day, they still made excellent leftovers. Shaxian Delicacies Chinatown Philadelphia

Location: 106 N. 10th (Chinatown)