Third time’s the charm… The pandemic delayed our splurge at Laser Wolf by almost a year and a half, but we finally made it (with a 9:00 sit down time -reservations are tough to get, especially now that Conde Nast Traveler recently named it one of the “best new restaurants in the world.” We love all of Philly’s Cook’n Solo restaurants, and their Israeli kebab house didn’t disappoint. Named after the butcher from Fiddler on the Roof, the restaurant is meant to evoke a Jerusalem skewer house, with a large charcoal grill sending out delicious aromas.

Order a protein (we got the mixed grill, which is available for tables of 4 or more), and you get all you can eat of the 10 different, seasonal salatim (vegan), their famous hummus, and pita. Beans, zucchini, tomatoes, red peppers, pickles, eggplant, pineapple, kale baba ghanoush… So yummy, with the interesting, unique flavors they made famous with their fancier Zahav (you can order these stand alone for $18 pp). Eat as much as you want-they will bring more, and let you take home the leftovers.

We couldn’t settle on a favorite from the grill, but highlights were definitely the charred beets with dukkah (!), sirloin, and lamb chops, although the chicken, short ribs, cauliflower, and sausage were also very good. We wanted to try the eggplant, but it was sold out for the evening – a disadvantage to having a late reservation.

A small dessert of brown sugar soft-serve with sour cherries and pistachios was also included. Erick said it was one of the best ice creams he’s ever had.

Note: the restaurant is in an old warehouse. Dress is casual, and it does get noisy!