Yes, they have gorgeous donuts (2 kinds: “fancy” and fresh out of the fryer).  Flavors vary, but all are yummy.  They also have delicious fried chicken – super crispy coating and moist chicken.  You get a choice of flavors – plain, dry seasoning (3 choices) or glazed (3 choices). Our favorite is glazed with spicy chili garlic. Each chicken meal comes with a fresh honey donut – a fun twist on chicken & biscuits (tip: the only way to get a honey donut is to order the chicken).  Gotta love a restaurant that sticks with  2 things and does them both really well! There are several locations around the city. Sansom Street is mostly for take-out (it has only a few chairs – see our post—  for nearby picnic spots).  The Whole Foods location has plenty of seating, but a more limited menu. If you don’t want chicken, pair your donuts with an iced Vietnamese coffee.

Federal Donuts Philadelphia

Tobey says: Always a great go-to restaurant. Best fried chicken!

Multiple locations, including Center City and Museum area.