Yes, they have gorgeous donuts (2 kinds: “fancy” and fresh out of the fryer). Flavors vary for the fancy, but all are yummy (and they often sell out by mid-day). The fresh come in 3 flavors: cinnamon, cookies and cream, and strawberry/lavender. They also have delicious fried chicken – super crispy coating and moist chicken. You get a choice of flavors – plain, dry seasoning (3 choices) or glazed (3 choices). Our favorite is glazed with spicy chili garlic. Each chicken meal comes with a fresh honey donut – a fun twist on chicken & biscuits (tip: the only way to get a honey donut is to order the chicken). Gotta love a restaurant that sticks with 2 things and does them both really well! There are several locations around the city. The 7th Street location is right across from the Poe house. If you don’t want chicken, pair your donuts with an iced Vietnamese coffee. Part of Cook ‘n Solo’s Philly empire (Our Favorite Philly Restaurant Empire: Cook ‘n Solo (Israeli-mostly))

Federal Donuts Philadelphia

Tobey says: Always a great go-to restaurant. Best fried chicken!

Multiple locations, including Center City and Museum area.