Screenshot_20180513-163528This stretch of Sansom Street is home to many of our favorite Philly fast-casual restaurants, and 3 of them are owned by the team behind Philly’s famous (expensive) Zahav: Federal Donuts, Dizengoff, and Goldie.  We’ve already reviewed Federal Donuts (Philly Restaurant Review: Federal Donuts (Donuts & Fried Chicken)).  Dizengoff will be up next – but this time it’s Goldie’s turn.

These are seriously good falafel- crunchy on the outside and bright green and soft on the inside.  They always taste super-fresh.  Combined with the fresh salad – full of veggies,  herbs, seasonal add-ins (pickled beets and sunflower seeds on our last visit) and choice of dressing (we like the spicy) and you have a lunch that makes you feel healthy (the whole restaurant is vegan).

The perfect pairing (so you don’t feel too healthy!), is one of their tehina milkshakes.  Super-creamy (not sure how they make a vegan shake so creamy??), with a just a touch of nuttiness from the tehina, they come in 4-5 flavors.  Our favorite is the mint-chocolate chip. They also have really good home-made fries – best with the shwarma seasoning.

New: Not sure how long it will last, but on our last visit they were offering (at the Sansom Street store only) a “fry boat” – their delicious fries topped with falafel, salad and choice of dressing.  The best of both worlds for those who can’t choose!

Tobey says: My #1 favorite!

Location: Center City and Whole Foods (Pennsylvania Ave.)

Goldie's Tehini Milkshake