Science History Museum Philadelphia
Who wouldn’t want to play with a “Using Mercury” chemistry kit??!

Unlike Philly’s other great science museum, this one is free AND you will have it all to yourself with no kids crashing into you on the way to the giant heart.  Chemistry and life sciences are the focus of this art and artifact filled museum – from its beginnings in alchemy, through understanding DNA, to modern-day issues of global warming. In addition to the extensive permanent and temporary exhibits, they offer lunch-time lectures and fun evening programs – especially during Old City First Fridays.

Field Trips: They offer free field trips (geared towards high-schoolers). In addition to providing a guided tour of the exhibit highlights (which they will customize for your class), they also bring out a cart full of artifacts the students can handle).  This was a fun trip during our year of chemistry study – a nice way to show the “practical” (and job oriented!) aspects of chemistry.

Tobey says: Kind of interesting…


Location: Old City