European Republic Philadelphia

This small cafe has the best European-style French fries in the city, and it’s a convenient, quick lunch stop while doing the revolution sites (it’s right across the street from the Museum of the American Revolution and very close to the Franklin house and museum).  Thick cut and crispy  – a triple batch makes a great lunch for Tobey and me to share (especially if we are planning to get dessert). Half the fun is picking your sauce/s. You get 3 with a triple batch. They have a huge selection (which you can sample if it’s not too crowded).  My favorite is the fire/eggplant combo, although the European ketchup is surprisingly good (considering I don’t like ketchup or mayo).

Tip: If you aren’t the kind of person who can eat just fries for lunch, they have a great lunch special with a wrap, fries and a drink for $8.

Tobey says: Love!

Sauce Choices!!

Location: Old City