IMG_20180522_121049064_HDRI always forget how good these sandwiches are.  They seem so simple – choice of meat (we always get the “special” – not sure exactly what kind of meat, we don’t ask – just enjoy!), fresh veggies (jalapeno, cucumber, carrot, cilantro) and a bit of mayo. So fresh and tasty and the french bread is incredible.  The menu is tiny and seating is very limited, but at $6.50/large sandwich, this is definitely the best lunch deal in Chinatown.

Katny & Tobey sharing Bahn Mi QT Sandwich Shop Chinatown Philadelphia
One sandwich is big enough to share!

Tobey says: I don’t know what’s in it, but it tastes so good!


Location: Chinatown (48 N. 10th Street)