2 of the best food deals in Philly, in 2 different areas of the city.

IMG_20180522_121049064_HDRQT is in the heart of Chinatown. I always forget how good these sandwiches are.  They seem so simple – choice of meat (we always get the “special” – not sure exactly what kind of meat, we don’t ask – just enjoy! ), fresh veggies (jalapeno, cucumber, carrot, cilantro) and a bit of mayo (We’re not mayo fans, so we always request our bahn mis without mayo, but extra jalapeño). So fresh and tasty and the french bread is incredible.  The seating is very limited, but at $7.50/large sandwich, this is definitely the best lunch deal in Chinatown.

Katny & Tobey sharing Bahn Mi QT Sandwich Shop Chinatown Philadelphia
One sandwich is big enough to share!

Tobey says: I don’t know what’s in it, but it tastes so good! **Note: this review was before Tobey went vegetarian. She now gets the lemongrass tofu. ** (48 N. 10th Street)

Ba Le is in a strip mall on Washington Avenue (The Asian Side of South Philly). In addition to baking their own bread, the store has lots of food (bubble tea, summer rolls, etc.) in addition to their amazing bahn mi. Always crowded, there is no seating, so this is a to-go only place. There is a parking lot. 606 Washington Avenue