Tobey and I have been known to make a batch of cookies just to eat the dough, so it was fun to check out the edible cookie dough at Sweet Box​ Bakeshop. Made egg-free and with heat treated flour, “edible” cookie dough removes the potential risks associated with eating regular cookie dough raw (the Toll House dough at the grocery store actually has a label saying “do not consume raw”).  Loads of flavors to chose from, including our choices: classic chocolate chip, cookies and cream, and half baked. If you really want to live it up, you can also get the dough atop a (beautiful) cupcake, brownie or sandwiched between two cookies.

Tobey says: We went all the way to New York last summer to try the edible cookie dough, so it’s nice there is one close to home now!

Location: Center City, 339 S. 13th Street.