Tracking down the best bakeries in Philly is a never ending (but noble) task – and one Tobey and I are willing to sacrifice ourselves for. Philly has such a great, diverse restaurant scene – and the bakeries reflect this diversity. We have written about some of these places individually (plus, check out our Best of Philly: Donuts), others are only listed here – either way, it’s handy to have them in one spot. To make the list, these places have to have something special (besides just tasty food)…

Trendy: Hands down, these are the prettiest pastries – but, unlike most pretty bakery items, they actually taste as good as they look. In addition to the sweet pastries, they also serve savory pastries, so it’s a lunch (or picnic) option. They serve good coffee (and fun unicorn hot chocolate!)and have plenty of cafe seating and free wi-fi. Cake Life Bakery, Fishtown http://cakelifebakeshop.comCake Life Philadelphia

French: This adorable little French bakery on Arch Street in Old City looks a little lost sitting by itself, but has a selection of the best European-style tarts in the city. It’s walk-up window service only, so perfect for enjoying on a park bench in Old City (or taking home to enjoy later… if you can wait that long!). Tartes, Old City

Lebanese: An amazingly pretty restaurant/cafe, they serve beautiful middle-eastern/french pastries (you can also get delicious meals – both at the cafe or in the restaurant). This one makes all the “best of” lists. Suraya, Fishtown https://surayaphilly.comLatte and pastries at Suraya Philadelphia

Pound cake: Yup, they actually sell the pound cake by the pound, which makes me laugh. There are a couple of choices (vanilla, chocolate and swirl -with vanilla or chocolate frosting). But, in my opinion, it’s vanilla all the way (and I scrape off the frosting – my Mimi would NEVER frost a pound cake!). But, that aside, this is a Philly classic and the pound cake is really delicious – nice and moist. Scrape off the frosting, add some raspberries and whipped cream… heaven! No seating. Stock’s, North Philly

Sticky Buns: Barry’s makes the best sticky buns- both classic and seasonal flavors, such as pumpkin and apple pie. Sticky buns can sometimes be too dry -but not these. They are the perfect ratio of bread to sticky-ness. Both locations are in food courts/markets and have plenty of seating, but the Chestnut Hill location has limited hours. Barry’s Buns, Old City and Chestnut Hill

Italian (classic): It’s been around forever (the original location in the Italian Market opened in 1921 and moved to the current site in 1938- where it still has the original fittings), and still makes some of the best canolli in the city. They actually have a parking lot, which is rare in the city. Termini Brothers, South Philly and other locations

Italian donuts: THE place to go for “franolis” – yeast donuts stuffed with canolli cream. No seating. Frangelli’s, South Philly Donut Philadelphia

Macarons: Our favorite dessert food truck recently opened this bakery/cafe in Manayunk, where they serve their delicious macarons and macaron ice-cream sandwiches, along with donuts, creme brule, macaron cake and a selection of seasonal treats. Plenty of seating in the Manayunk store. Sugar Philly.

Asian/Chinatown (classic): There are several good bakeries in Chinatown, but this is our favorite, because of the variety (plus, it is so inexpensive – individual buns are generally $1-$2), it’s easy to try something new/different without a big commitment). This is old school- grab a plastic tray and a pair of tongs and help yourself to any of the buns in the cases lining the walls. Go to the register to pay (and also to ask for any pastries in the front case). We love the Swiss roll and the cream horns. No seating. KC’s Pastries, Chinatown 109 N. 10th Street

Asian/French: This bakery has the prettiest pastries – French technique, but with Asian flavors. They also offer tea and coffee (including a tasty macha latte). Order to-go items at the counter or sit for table service. Table service pastries are generally served with ice cream. Everything is delicious, but our favorite is the crepe cake with Japanese fruits. A La Mousse, Chinatown http://www.alamousse.comCrepe Cake A La Mousse Philadelphia

Mexican: A few blocks from the Italian Market in South Philly, this is the place to go for Mexican breads and pastries, including delicious churros. They also sell coffee and there are a few counter-style seats, but it is primarily a to-go place. Las Rosas, South Philly South Philly

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